Returning to Romania in October…

In October I will be heading back to Romania for 1 month to serve alongside missionary friends and revisit old friends and relatives in the Suceava area.  Would you please remember me and those I will be working with in prayer.  God is so very good to allow me to return and be a part of the mission efforts I love and support there.

I will start my journey in Bucharest on Tuesday, October 17, meeting up with a young missionary friend, Becky Pertzborn.  Becky and I connected some years ago when I discovered she was my niece’s step-daughter with a heart to serve God in Romania!  We plan to finally meet one another, and spend some time serving there together.

Next will be a visit to Rasa to stay with Reinhard and Darcey Neufeld, who constructed and celebrated the opening and dedication of the Rasa Family Center in May.  I met this beautiful couple 2 1/2 years ago when I was there ministering with Nora Hayes.  Brad and Nora are friends and missionaries in nearby Calarasi.  We are both originally from West Allis, WI where we had lived for 20 years before moving to New York State.  They moved their family to Romania to become permanent missionaries in 2001 and have given their lives to serve some of the poorest in Southern Romania.  It will be a treat to see them again also.

At the end of the month, I plan to head north to Bucovina region where I had lived in the year 2000 during the process of adopting our four children.  I am looking forward to seeing some friends made during that year, also relatives of our children who had become family to me.  One baby cousin-in the womb, who was born after we left, was named after me, so I plan to get to know Nancy too!

If you would like to contribute toward any of the mission works I will be visiting, you can do so directly through their website.  They are listed on the sidebar here also.

Thank you for praying for me and those I will come in contact with.  I desire a sensitive heart to the Holy Spirit in all things.  As I share the Word of God with the women there, my prayer is to be a vessel for the Holy Spirit’s use.  The Father’s delight is to see each of us transformed into trusting children, following His purpose for us. Our Bune Pariente (Good Father) wants to be just that, to work His hope and purpose into our lives. The need is great and I count it a privilege to go.

Thank you, Nancy

2 thoughts on “Returning to Romania in October…

  1. So excited for you Nancy! Let’s catch up before you leave. We are going to Hawaii in September, Shawn will be teaching and preaching on evangelism to a church plant there, that friends of ours started 2 years ago. God bless you!


  2. Nancy, so glad to have you in our area, and to share our faith with you. May your endeavors for Christ be blessed abundantly, and may our friendship blossom over time. I appreciate getting to know you, my friend. God bless!


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