The most important resource of the day is God’s Word. Renewing our minds daily helps us gain God’s perspective through meditation in His Word, prayer, and practical application. 

COUNSELING: My favorite biblical counselor is Rick Thomas. He has lots of content to share offering sound wisdom and advice through his written blogs and via his podcasts.

What is Biblical Counseling? What does Nouthetic mean?

FREEDOM from addiction…

How Sexual Sin Sears Your Conscience. (Conquer Series), Warpath Trailer (Conquer Series, Dr. Doug Weiss)

Dr. Doug Weiss (H2H) has served people for 30 years to break free of sexual addiction. He offers honest and clear teaching on the physiological effects of sexual sin. Videos:  A Sexually Healthy Church (60 min) Highly recommend, especially for church leadership. Helping Her Heal Sexless Marriage insights (7 min),  Now That I Know, What Should I Do? ( 2 min),  When Men Are Tempted  on sexual sin (53 min),  Conferences and ministry overview (2 min).  H2H website 10 different short Videos.

ADDICTION: How NOT to Raise an Addict by Mark Shaw.  Book Dr. Mark Shaw has written a variety of insightful books on addiction. I highly recommend his books. Other Booklets by Mark Shaw:   Hope and Help for Video Game, TV & Internet “Addiction,     Hope & Help in Marriage,     Hope & Help for Self-Injurers & Cutters,     Hope and Help Through Biblical Counseling

PORN PROTECTION: Your Brain on Porn  Free e-book download copy. Equipped  Free e-book to help families discuss this issue. Connected  Free magazine e-book resource with stories, info and tips. Covenant Eyes is the way to go for protection from the ravages of on-line porn. Please explore these topics to see how it works.


Pure Life Ministries – Freedom from Sexual Sin: Unchained Testimonies. Short Videos with HOPE.

Testimony of Anne (Founder of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels). The combined testimony of Anne and Jonas Beiler’s story of redemption in their marriage.

Child Protection: To learn about child exploitation and trafficking and the subtle ways deceivers go after your children. Love146 is a Christian Ministry who helps girls get into safe houses and recover through the love of Christ. Jaco Booyens Ministries, front-time rescue ministry and film producer on this topic to educate and equip people. Jaco’s TEDx Talk on the children exploited.