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I’m glad you clicked this button! Jesus said we are to go into all the world with the good news of the gospel.

My philosophy about the support of indigenous missionaries developed in the ’90s. I have so appreciated ministries in the U.S. whose objective has been to assist with getting Bibles and much-needed funds directly to the field workers in various countries around the world. Bob Finley, founder of Christian Aid Mission, was instrumental in my understanding of this perspective through his book, Reformation in Foreign Missions. He spent years as an American Missionary in China, and other places, and saw first-hand the value of indigenous workers and their effectiveness among their own people.

I believe as the Church of Jesus Christ we are to help the truly needy of our world. Without the gospel message of hope, along with the physical need for food, shelter, and safety, there is little hope of change in one’s situation. The gospel lifts people out of despair into a new life in Christ. Giving to meet physical needs alone is temporary–while important, but giving with the gospel redeems and lifts the soul to a new place of life and peace, even in the midst of difficulty.

I promote and endorse mission agencies that primarily encourage, teach, and support indigenous workers. I can highly recommend the links I have posted to these ministries. I have been involved with the ministries represented here on my site for many years, and know them well. I especially like projects that are practical in sharing the goodness of God by digging water-wells in villages and micro-financing business endeavors so people can sustain themselves. I like the idea of teaching someone how to fish and equipping them with tools to do so, rather than giving them a fish. I pray you will give generously to help provide the funds needed to share Christ abroad in the neediest places of our world.

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