A Mother’s Gift

Mother and infantO God, in love you’ve given to me,
So much in this wonderful gift, I see.
The potential that lies before us now,
A precious young life to be molded, but how?

Children are given us as a sacred trust,
by the Father above who’s loving and just.
He shows the way to care for them,
By giving us a biblical regimen.

Lots of love and joy, to fill the home,
So our little ones won’t want to roam.
Next goodness, peace, and gentleness too,
So that they’ll see Jesus Christ in you.

Moving along down the road we’ll find,
To meekness and temperance, they’ll not be blind.
These little ones can sense and see,
Where patience is lacking inside of me.

But mother, don’t condemn yourself here,
Rather call upon Jesus to remove your fear.
The Holy Spirit is given to impart,
the fruit of His life within your heart.

If we allow, He’ll work deep within,
To make and to mold us and free us from sin.
Trying of patience by children we love,
In this, He’s fitting us for heaven above.

So, don’t shy away from God’s training for you,
While raising your gift, He’ll be changing you too.

By Nancy Demary–written for a friend upon the adoption of their son, January 2006.

Photo Credit: Google Images

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