Genocide Denied

I recently watched a poignant documentary on genocide, the Armenian genocide that to this day the leaders of Turkey deny happened.

Genocide is sin, darkness, death, cruelty from man upon other human beings who’ve been created by God in His image; demonically inspired leaders of one ethnicity determined to destroy those of another.

Architects of Denial is the account of Turkey’s leaders ordering the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians beginning in 1915; and it has continued in various ways for the past 100 years.

My husband traveled to Armenia in 1998. It was in the midst of our decision to adopt children abroad. He was there for another purpose, but had asked the woman who served as interpreter, “Would it be possible to adopt children from Armenia?” She replied, “Never! The Turks have slaughtered 1.5 million of our people; we will never let our children go to anyone.

Bible or the AxeHitler ordered his leadership to do the same, repeating this wicked genocide against Jewish people, and other groups, beginning in 1939. This is being repeated again in our world. Some Muslims of North Sudan have done the same to the beautiful Sudanese people of the South (read my friend’s account of his family’s suffering in the book The Bible or the Axe by William Levi). Sin continues and evil men will become even worse the Bible tells us.

Tortured: A Tribute to the Wumbrands

romania-653162__480I want to take opportunity to recognize a couple who paid a tremendous price for the gospel in Romania. They shared Christ’s love with the Russian soldiers who occupied their country during 1944, this event has been referred to as the “liberation of Romania by the glorious Soviet Army”.  But soon after liberation, many suffered under the communists as they infiltrated the country and took power. In December, 1989, the longtime Communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife Elena, were executed and this ended the 42 years of Communist rule in Romania. (credit: Wikipedia)

On Dec 1st, Romania celebrated their National Day which celebrates the unification of Transylvania into Greater Romania in 1918, as well as Bessarabia and Bukovina. I love the Romanian people, they are my family (literally and spiritually).

thThe Wumbrands, along with many others, suffered terribly undercommunism. Richard was imprisioned for 14 years, 3 years in solitary confinement. Sabina was arrested and confined to a labor camp. Here I want to share some video links that will give honor and tribute to this wonderful couple who have now gone on to heaven. They were pioneers to the persecuted church, for those suffering then and now.

Please watch the incredble story of their overcoming faith.

For Children: The Story of Richard Wurmbrand (36 minute video)

Upcoming 2018 Movie: Tortured for Christ (Trailer #1-Richard, Trailer #2-Sabina)

Richard’s Testimony: Tortured for Christ (5 min) Solitary Confinement (10 min)

(Video availiblity via Youtube)

Note: King Michael died on Tuesday, Dec 5, the last ruling monarch of Romania.

Romania! Oct 17 – Nov 12, 2017

20171102_144535My journey began in the south in Bucharest with my step-niece, missionary Becky Pertzborn, then quickly onto Rasa-Calarasi. I spent two weeks with missionaries, Reinhard and Darcey Neufeld (and crew) at Gateway to Hope at the Rasa Family Center.

On Oct 31 I began my journey north to Suceava, visiting with friends and family members.  It was a blessing to reconnect with so many of you. Thank you for all your kind hospitality! My final evening there was at Coffee Shalom where I was able to share enouragement from God’s Word with some beautiful ladies — and reconnect with ladies I hadn’t seen in 17 years!

I was able to also include a short trip to Rasnov in Transylvania, to visit Jerry & Chrissie Baker at Torchbearer’s International and see their lovely spot.  Got to visit the Bran Castle as well — I love history.  My last morning there was spent with our children’s cousins, Denesia and Simona (and family), and what a treat it was to see these beautiful young women again — all grown up!

I’m thankful for your prayers and God’s faithful hand upon me in every way.  I have a travel log posted, to view please go to Global Missions Tab.


Do you have a . . . HEART FOR THE HARVEST?

When I think of the comforts we enjoy in America I remind myself that I have an obligation to participate in the harvest of souls not only here in my village but also in the many villages around the world.  Do you live with the thought of investment in these fields? We should.  We can pray and when God gets ahold of our hearts for His harvest we will also give to send willing workers into the vast fields, where evangelism is costly and requires great sacrifice. boy-2086912__480

I recently read the monthly newsletter from Asia Harvest where Paul Hattaway reports on the massive persecution brewing across Asia.  Paul’s finger is on the pulse of Asia concerning the precious church there and if you would like to read more you can connect here to Asia Harvest.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Returning to Romania in October…

In October I will be heading back to Romania for 1 month to serve alongside missionary friends and revisit old friends and relatives in the Suceava area.  Would you please remember me and those I will be working with in prayer.  God is so very good to allow me to return and be a part of the mission efforts I love and support there.

I will start my journey in Bucharest on Tuesday, October 17, meeting up with a young missionary friend, Becky Pertzborn.  Becky and I connected some years ago when I discovered she was my niece’s step-daughter with a heart to serve God in Romania!  We plan to finally meet one another, and spend some time serving there together.

Next will be a visit to Rasa to stay with Reinhard and Darcey Neufeld, who constructed and celebrated the opening and dedication of the Rasa Family Center in May.  I met this beautiful couple 2 1/2 years ago when I was there ministering with Nora Hayes.  Brad and Nora are friends and missionaries in nearby Calarasi.  We are both originally from West Allis, WI where we had lived for 20 years before moving to New York State.  They moved their family to Romania to become permanent missionaries in 2001 and have given their lives to serve some of the poorest in Southern Romania.  It will be a treat to see them again also.

At the end of the month, I plan to head north to Bucovina region where I had lived in the year 2000 during the process of adopting our four children.  I am looking forward to seeing some friends made during that year, also relatives of our children who had become family to me.  One baby cousin-in the womb, who was born after we left, was named after me, so I plan to get to know Nancy too!

If you would like to contribute toward any of the mission works I will be visiting, you can do so directly through their website.  They are listed on the sidebar here also.

Thank you for praying for me and those I will come in contact with.  I desire a sensitive heart to the Holy Spirit in all things.  As I share the Word of God with the women there, my prayer is to be a vessel for the Holy Spirit’s use.  The Father’s delight is to see each of us transformed into trusting children, following His purpose for us. Our Bune Pariente (Good Father) wants to be just that, to work His hope and purpose into our lives. The need is great and I count it a privilege to go.

Thank you, Nancy