Gender Confusion – There’s Hope!

We’ve come a long way, baby. Wow, our culture has morphed into a very destructive culmination of ideas and influences concerning sexuality… Who in the world am I?

If you are confused, go back to the beginning. One good way to get your baseline re-established is by reading a chapter of Proverbs each day (There’s one chapter for each day of the month!). Repeat monthly until you sense sobriety and normalcy returning!

We are all fallen in our nature as human beings. Whatever our proclivity may be toward binding up our wounded souls, everyone has something wrong within. Sadly, today with the multitude of choices available to “fix” the Humpty-Dumpty heart problems we face, our young people are having to deal with the poor conclusion of my generation and an agenda that is failing them. May God grant them wisdom and understanding to see that they can make good choices and find their way out of the gender confusion that has overtaken our culture. There is HOPE in any situation you may face. Finding freedom and peace is possible.

Sadly, along with confusion in our world, the church seems confused over sexuality as well. The placement of feelings-driven solutions will not work.  Arbitrary, often socially engineered solutions on identity makes matters worse. Those who have a Christ-centered identity do not need to be confused. What we need is grace-filled love toward all people to share the hope we have in Christ. Realizing there are people who have felt “different” than their typical gender role as children, we need to have hearts of understanding toward anyone struggling in this area. The answer is not to encourage someone to “change their sex” but rather to change their mind about the power of the gospel to help us (Galatians 2:20). Read Ephesians 2:4-10 to see what God can do.

Here are a few testimonies and insightful links into the lives of those who have gone down destructive paths looking to fulfill desires that cannot be fulfilled through sexual acting out or changing their obvious sex at birth.

Here Alisa Childers and Dr. Christopher Yaun discuss the legitimacy, or not, of terms like: Christian Gay, Celebite Gay Christian, LBGTQ Christians, Oppressor/Victim, Marginilized Christians, etc.

REVOICE is a group of Christians who refer to themselves as Gay Christians. They use terms luke: Side A and Side B Christianity… What’s That!?!! Listen in to better understand current questions between traditional theology (Dr Yaun) and new developments (Revoice).
Dr. Preston Sprinkle (co-founder and president of The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender) with Greg Coles, Senior Research Fellow at CFS&G. Greg views himself as a gay celibate Christian, is a Revoice Conference speaker, and holds to the current trend to encourage “marginalized” groups to be affirmed for their views on sexuality and gender.

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