Freedom from Habitual Sin

Freedom in Christ! 

Habitual sin (aka addiction) is consuming people everywhere.  We live in an addicted society. In biblical terms, we would describe this as bondage to an idol in the heart.  Something that has been given a place and taken hold in the person’s life to where they feel helpless to become free.  The good news is that through Jesus Christ there is freedom from any habitual sin.  It involves work and dedication to the process, but freedom is guaranteed to the ones who will humble themselves, repent with godly sorrow, and hate the sin that binds them.  This involves loving the Savior who died to set us (all) free from the bondage of sin, in whatever form it is.

Sexual Idolatry is a major hidden sin.  Unlike drug or alcohol addiction, this habitual sin can be masked for a while.  Usually, by the time it is discovered much harm has come to the individual, marriage, and family.  The destructive consequences will follow, but there is hope.

With the growth of the internet, the porn epidemic has become a tsunami ravaging our world.  Masturbation, sexual abuse, pedophilia, sodomy, bestiality, human trafficking, and all sexual lust is Satan’s delight in his mission to steal, kill and destroy God’s creation (John 10:10); us! His dearly loved children. Because of our Father’s great love toward us, He desires to redeem each one. His desire involves abundant life that comes from a right relationship with Him through repentance.kite-1209241__480

II Cor. 7:11 indicates what Godly Sorrow over our sin produces:

  1. Eagerness and earnest care to explain what you did, even though you may not understand why.
  2. To clear yourself of the wrongdoing and follow-up with proper actions.
  3. To hate the sin that you were involved in.
  4. To have alarm and fear about the seriousness of sin.
  5. A yearning and desire to live for God instead of your own pleasure.
  6. Zeal to make things right. To correct all injustice.
  7. A readiness to embrace the consequences and make corrections

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