Have You Suffered from Spiritual Abuse?

Woman alone winterThose who have suffered from spiritual abuse will quickly agree that it is a deep and destructive influence. It’s difficult to think about, and few want to explore this topic. I believe many have left the church family, isolated from their own family, and live with inner-turmoil because of it.

Spiritual abuse is when someone in authority sinfully uses that authority to manipulate and control others. It is found in religious settings but can happen anywhere; we are all spiritual beings and this affects everyone. It helps to understand from a biblical context how God has designed us as individuals to glorify Him. When we are squashed under someone’s control we do not develop the gifts that God has placed within us. This hinders us from becoming the person God has created us to be.

I am posting here Rick Thomas’ podcast that explains this so well. He addresses this question in the context of spiritual abuse from pastors/spiritual leaders or others; as you listen you’ll see how this applies to many situations in life.

Written version and podcast go to: RickThomas.Net 

Soundcloud podcast only: Eight Signs of Spiritual Abuse

Photo Credit: Google Image

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