The Poison of Porn

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October 10, 2019  The Poison of Porn

Pornography is shattering marriages, families and even churches.  To highlight this danger, Jim began by mentioning a story from  It mentions that in 2016, people watched more than an accumulated 500,000 years of pornography through a particular site.  That’s roughly 12 porn videos for every man, woman and child on planet earth. They also reported that the number one top viewed video on that site had 7 million views in one given week.

Joining Jim to discuss this topic was Nancy Demary.  Nancy is a certified lay biblical counselor involved in discipling, mentoring and counseling.  She is the former director of Citizens for Decency Through Law to help those impacted by pornography.

It used to be that porn was confined to the pages of magazines behind a store counter.  It’s not that way anymore. As Nancy pointed out, pornography has exploded, has become pandemic and is everywhere.

She also explained that Satan is looking to steal, kill and destroy human life.  On the other hand, Jesus came to pay an incredible debt to spare us from the expense of sin.  This means there’s always hope because God has provided the way of escape from such sin.

Nancy believes we need to present the beauty of sex to our children the way God created it.  It’s a gift to us within God’s boundaries. In that context there are the physical hormones that bind a man and woman like a mother is bound to her infant through the nursing experience.  In the same way, a husband and wife are bound together for life through the sexual relationship. Step outside of those boundaries and you are inviting in that which wasn’t intended and we thwart God’s beautiful gift.

How does Nancy feel pornography is impacting the church?  Is there a physical component that causes porn to become habit forming?  What help does the Bible provide on this issue to help people break free?  These questions and more, as well as comments from listeners, are part of this important discussion. (VCY America)



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