Tortured: A Tribute to the Wumbrands

romania-653162__480I want to take opportunity to recognize a couple who paid a tremendous price for the gospel in Romania. They shared Christ’s love with the Russian soldiers who occupied their country during 1944, this event has been referred to as the “liberation of Romania by the glorious Soviet Army”.  But soon after liberation, many suffered under the communists as they infiltrated the country and took power. In December, 1989, the longtime Communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife Elena, were executed and this ended the 42 years of Communist rule in Romania. (credit: Wikipedia)

On Dec 1st, Romania celebrated their National Day which celebrates the unification of Transylvania into Greater Romania in 1918, as well as Bessarabia and Bukovina. I love the Romanian people, they are my family (literally and spiritually).

thThe Wumbrands, along with many others, suffered terribly undercommunism. Richard was imprisioned for 14 years, 3 years in solitary confinement. Sabina was arrested and confined to a labor camp. Here I want to share some video links that will give honor and tribute to this wonderful couple who have now gone on to heaven. They were pioneers to the persecuted church, for those suffering then and now.

Please watch the incredble story of their overcoming faith.

For Children: The Story of Richard Wurmbrand (36 minute video)

Upcoming 2018 Movie: Tortured for Christ (Trailer #1-Richard, Trailer #2-Sabina)

Richard’s Testimony: Tortured for Christ (5 min) Solitary Confinement (10 min)

(Video availiblity via Youtube)

Note: King Michael died on Tuesday, Dec 5, the last ruling monarch of Romania.

One thought on “Tortured: A Tribute to the Wumbrands

  1. I have read ‘ Tortured for Christ’ by Richard Wumbrand and ‘ Pastor’s Wife’ by Sabina Wumbrand and many other books written by Richard . The couple stood by their faith in Christ till the end .


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